The Contract

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Owner/cuntpet Contract

Here is the contract which Master and I signed on the 10th of March, 2007. 

The template I used for this document I got here, and that is a wonderful 

rendition of a slave contract. It was very legal, and had some things in 

it which we did not want, and also was missing a few things.

I added (most notably) a brat clause, as well as section 4d, which is 

entitled Equality and the Gift of Submission, which I believe is extremely 

well worded (I got some of that from here or, at least, the original 

wording was there, but I changed it around a lot) and also defines what I 

believe a BDSM/Master&slave/Dominant&submissive/Owner&cuntpet relationship 

should be based on, as does the entire contract.

The contract itself emphasizes honesty, respect, equality, and autonomy, 

and outlines duties and other such things for both Master and cuntpet. I 

am extremely satisfied with it.

Names have been taken out to protect the (not so) innocent.

The contract:

1. Abstract, Intention, and Definitions

This agreement is a contract between _________ (hereafter referred to as 

‘Master’) and ________ (hereafter referred to as ‘cuntpet’). It is 

intended to set out, in broad strokes, the terms and conditions under 

which Master and cuntpet enter into a relationship that is purely and 

entirely consensual, loving, equal, and desired, but outside the realm of 

what is considered ‘normal’ within society’s normal boundaries. It is a 

living document, the agreement remaining in full force from the time of 

its inception until its termination (as outlined below). There is no 

duress understood, implied, or exerted upon either Master or cuntpet, and 

both Master and cuntpet have had the opportunity to look over this 

agreement and agree on any changes necessary at any time. Thus, both 

parties are actively participating in the shape and form of this 

agreement, and by their signatures consent to govern their relationship 

within the boundaries outlined herein, with full understanding and 

acceptance of all implications expressed and implied.

Master does not intend to cause any harm, be it physical, emotional, 

mental, spiritual, or in any other conceivable realm, to cuntpet, by means 

of this agreement. cuntpet does not intend to cause any harm, be it 

physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or in any other conceivable realm, 

to Master, by means of this agreement. This agreement is entered into in 

recognition of the deep connection which Master and cuntpet share, and is 

intended to provide a concrete set of expectations and commitments between 

Master and cuntpet. In recognition of real stresses in any relationship, 

the possibility of the relationship needing to be terminated is taken into 

account; thus, in the unfortunate possibility of a breakdown, this 

agreement also provides for a set of responsibilities for Master and 

cuntpet that will allow for the relationship to be terminated with a 

minimum of rancor.

2. Agreement Term

This contract shall be in effect from the later date of the signatures of 

Master and cuntpet, and shall continue indefinitely. Master and cuntpet 

may terminate the agreement (and thus, the relationship) without rancor at 

any time. If the agreement is terminated, it shall be noted in an addendum 

to this agreement, which Master and cuntpet will both sign.

3. Intention of Form of Relationship

Master and cuntpet, in recognition of the deep connection that they share, 

in recognition of Master’s deep and abiding personal, emotional, 

biological, and psychological needs within a relationship, and in 

recognition of cuntpet’s deep and abiding personal, emotional, biological, 

and psychological needs within a relationship, choose to enter into a 

full-time Dominant/submissive relationship as Master and His devoted 


4. Rights and Responsibilities Common to Master and cuntpet

Master and cuntpet agree that within any relationship, each person has 

responsibilities to themselves as well as to each other. If one party has 

a responsibility to the other, the other party may consider it a “right” 

to expect that that responsibility shall be carried out.

a. Personal Responsibility for Actions, Reactions, and Emotional Reactions

Master and cuntpet acknowledge that each brings into the relationship 

their past experiences, as well as their own values, ideas, and 

personalities. Master and cuntpet agree that personal responsibility is 

necessary and desirable within the relationship. Thus, Master and cuntpet 

agree to be responsible for their own emotional reactions, and to work 

through their own issues without undue fuss. If these issues cannot be 

resolved personally then they will talk about these issues with each 

other—but not assign blame for the issues or for causing the issues on 

each other.

b. Honesty

Master and cuntpet acknowledge that a relationship can only be based on 

honesty, respect, and integrity, tempered with humor, warmth, and trust. 

Thus, all communication between Master and cuntpet shall be open and 

honest as much as possible, with the intent of causing as little 

emotional, mental, or other harm to the other party as possible. If there 

is something to be said that is unpleasant, it shall be presented in a 

manner that is respectful to the other party’s feelings, as much as 

possible or warranted, given the circumstances.

c. Mutual Respect and Trust

Master and cuntpet agree that the other is worthy of respect, and that one 

of the foundations of their relationship is the respect that they hold for 

each other. In the event that this respect is ever lost, there is no hope 

for the relationship to continue, and thus Master and cuntpet agree to not 

do anything that may cause a loss of respect in each other’s eyes.

Master and cuntpet further agree to trust that the other is committed to 

the relationship, and committed to not causing harm to either themselves 

or the other. In light of this, Master and cuntpet agree to constantly 

reinforce that trust as much as possible and desirable without being 

disrespectful of the other.

d. Equality and the Gift of Submission

Master and cuntpet acknowledge that both Dominance and submission, to be 

effective, must be willed acts and that cuntpet is making a choice to put 

herself into the power of the Master. cuntpet is giving Master the gift of 

her submission in order for each of them to be fulfilled in different 

ways, and in order for each of them to explore, learn and grow through the 

experience. By doing so, she creates the illusion of helplessness that 

gives her permission to be more vulnerable and open than she could 

normally allow herself to be. Master is then compelled by cuntpet, to 

explore and push against her emotional blockages, and explore His own 

emotions, desires, and self through this interaction.

Both parties are, in a way, submissive to each other’s needs and desires, 

or these explorations will not be effective. Both parties are also equal 

in their mutual, albeit different, needs, desires, and approaches to the 

relationship, the only inequality happens through cuntpet’s conscious 

decision to give her power over to Master, in the hope that they both will 

learn and grow as people, with and towards each other from the experiences 

shared from this choice. This gift shall not be taken for granted by the 

Master or given automatically without thought by the cuntpet.

e. Fulfillment of Needs

Master and cuntpet acknowledge that their own needs and desires in a 

relationship are paramount, and thus may at any time call a session of 

renegotiation of terms or of the relationship if they feel their needs are 

not being met (or incrementally moved toward). This can be brought about 

through bringing up the issue and requesting a renegotiation of the 

relationship or specifically of the terms of this contract. Either Master 

or cuntpet can bring this up at any time when they feel their needs are 

not being met in terms of the relationship or the contract and they feel 

that they need something changed. The process of making changes to this 

document is outlined in section 8.

f. Safeword: Definition, Expectations, and Limitations

Master and cuntpet agree that they may make demands of each other that 

cannot be met without incurring physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or 

other harm at the time the demands are placed. In all circumstances 

related to this, the other party may call safeword. A safeword is a 

codeword or series of codewords chosen by the Master which can be used by 

either party to indicate a limit is being reached. The codeword usually 

may indicate either slow down or stop, depending on the codeword used. If 

either Master or cuntpet is about to be in a position where the safeword 

cannot be communicated verbally, the Master must choose and clearly 

communicate some nonverbal method of calling safeword to the cuntpet 

before the verbal safeword is impaired.

The person safewording can expect the following: that the demands will be 

put on hold; that because there is emotional distress inherent in not 

being able to meet the needs of the other, the person whose demands are 

not being met shall not issue any form of blame or discouragement towards 

the person safewording; and that the person who placed the demands will be 

emotionally supportive and reinforcing of the trust required to believe 

that a safeword will be properly reacted to. In the event that there is 

physical or emotional strain involved, the person who is responding to the 

safeword will do His or her level best to ease the strain as much as 

necessary to give the person who called safeword enough space and time to 

recuperate and recover, as well as the emotional support necessary to re-

establish trust and well-being.

Limitation of Safeword: Master and cuntpet acknowledge that calling 

safeword places a great deal of stress upon the responding party. Thus, 

they shall strive to only use it in situations where they are completely 

overwhelmed by mental, physical, emotional, or other stresses that they 

cannot deal with, and both Master and cuntpet trust each other not to use 

it frivolously. If this is breached repeatedly (not less than three 

times), the responding party may choose to terminate the relationship with 

prejudice, as the essential trust placed in the other party shall have 

been breached. (In particular, cuntpet shall never attempt to control 

Master’s actions by safewording frivolously. cuntpet acknowledges Master’s 

Dominance in this and all things, and shall not attempt to wrest control 

by “topping from the bottom” or “control via safeword”.)

g. Personal Safety

In any event where either Master or cuntpet is placed in a situation (or 

is about to be placed in a situation) where there is a perception of real 

danger of harm to Him or her, they may temporarily halt the activity that 

is dangerous, and shall at that time air His or her concerns. (Master is 

not considered ‘infallible’, and while the authority figure, may possibly 

overlook something important or dangerous.) Once concern is voiced Master 

may make any or no changes to the situation, and may continue the activity 

anyway. cuntpet will accept and trust Master’s judgment once the matter is 

called to His attention. Neither party shall ever be denied this right to 

expressing concerns for personal safety.

h. Extra-relationship Sexual Activity

Master and cuntpet shall both have the option of sexual exploration 

outside of the relationship. In any case where sexual gratification is 

sought, given, or received, the sexual contact shall be made as safe as 

reasonably possible and acceptable to both Master and cuntpet and both 

must inform the other about the sexual encounter previous to its 

occurrence. Because not following this rule is exposing both Master and 

cuntpet to extreme physical danger or emotional distress, failure to 

observe this rule shall be reported to the other party at the earliest 

opportunity, who shall have the option of terminating the relationship at 

that point.

i. Statute of Limitations

Master and cuntpet agree that timeliness is of the essence in 

communicating distress or distressing situations. Master and cuntpet also 

acknowledge that it is sometimes difficult to immediately bring things up, 

and that a bit of time is sometimes necessary to think through a situation 

logically to figure out where the distress came from. Thus, Master and 

cuntpet agree that they shall give each other up to one week from the 

first time they can speak in a reasonable fashion about any individual 

incident to bring up any issues related to that incident. At which time, 

if the distress is not brought up by the person who mentioned it in the 

first place, the other will bring up the issue to be discussed. However, 

incidents may be tracked beyond that one-week range, to determine a 

pattern of undesirable behavior that may need to be brought up in standard 

communications between Master and cuntpet.

j. Personal Injury

Master and cuntpet acknowledge that they may be placed in physically 

taxing situations, at Master’s whim, such that physical injury may occur. 

Master and cuntpet commit, in the spirit of partnership, to taking care of 

each other when they are injured. Master and cuntpet agree to take care of 

each other when the other is otherwise physically incapacitated, ensuring 

that they get all necessary medical attention, and are not asked to 

perform any action which would make any physical damage worse.

5. cuntpet’s Responsibilities

Within the global rights and responsibilities outlined in section 4 of 

this agreement, none of which shall be superseded by any of the following 

statements, cuntpet agrees the following:

a. cuntpet desires to be trained to be as her Master desires her to be. 

Therefore, cuntpet knowingly, willingly, and willfully abdicates her 

freedoms to Master, to be returned only when, where, and how Master sees 

fit, for only as long as Master sees fit.

b. cuntpet shall accept all decisions made for her by her Master or 

commands given to her by her Master. Master shall be served by cuntpet to 

the best of her ability, with dispatch and without reservation. The 

cuntpet can resist playfully or even forcefully at times to any decision 

or command (this is known as “bratting”) but never with intention of not 

actually performing the action or following out the command.

c. cuntpet shall bear any and all marks and clothing as Master directs or 

gives to her with pride and honor, and shall do so for any reason desired 

by Master.

d. cuntpet shall not limit her actions or interactions with others in 

Master’s presence, nor shall cuntpet conceal anything from Master—from 

body to thoughts and feelings.

e. cuntpet shall always answer any question Master asks truthfully, as 

laid out in section 4b. cuntpet shall also bring things to Master’s 

attention that, in cuntpet’s best judgment, are important for Master to 


f. cuntpet shall accept any dietary changes or restrictions that Master 

sees fit.

g. cuntpet’s personal habits shall be remade at any time, in any manner 

Master desires, for any reason that Master desires.

h. cuntpet shall accept all training measures and techniques that Master 

chooses to use, without question or reservation (save only the parameters 

previously set forth in sections 4f, 4g, and 5b).

i. When in private or in cases which Master and cuntpet are around people 

who know about their relationship and both are comfortable with, cuntpet 

shall address Master as “Master” whenever she is to address him by name, 

unless specifically directed otherwise by Master. When in public or around 

people which do not know about the depth of their relationship, would not 

understand, or when in a situation where others are around that are 

perceived as posing a threat of real danger under section 4f cuntpet shall 

address Master as “Stian.” If at any time Master refers to cuntpet as 

“Taimhyr” cuntpet will immediately start addressing Master as “Stian,” 

until such time as Master addresses her as “cuntpet” or anything similar 

again. (This is so that interactions with other people that are dangerous 

can be properly handled without taking precious time or speech to make it 

explicit. It is hoped that such a situation will never arise.)

j. Notwithstanding 5i, cuntpet shall keep current patterns of speech 

intact unless and until Master retrains her. cuntpet’s address of Master 

for questions shall be prefaced with, “Master?” Master may grant cuntpet 

the ability to ask the question at that time, or may deny the ability to 

ask the question until later. In the case of denied speech, cuntpet will 

remain silent until allowed speech again.

k. cuntpet shall be permitted to explore sexually outside this 

relationship, as desired, by Master’s permission only, subject to the 

restrictions of section 4h.

l. cuntpet shall never deny entrance of Master to their home, as long as 

this agreement persists.

m. cuntpet shall never perform any action that, by its nature, would bring 

shame to her or her Master, demonstrate disrespect to herself or her 

Master, or disgrace Master.

n. cuntpet realizes that Master invests significant time, effort, and 

emotional stress into her training. Thus, cuntpet shall never make 

Master’s job any more difficult than it needs to be, and shall also not 

attempt to control any situation that Master is currently in control of, 

except at Master’s bidding (or as outlined in 5b).

o. cuntpet acknowledges that Master will not always be in a mindset to 

interact with cuntpet on the level that cuntpet may desire at that moment 

(sexually, Dominantly, emotionally, or otherwise), and thus will perform 

her duties with a minimum of fuss, and shall offer any emotional or other 

support to Master that may be necessary and will help Master work through 

the issue if He so desires to at that moment, or at a later date if needed 

(as set out in section 4i).

p. cuntpet acknowledges that there may be times in which she will not be 

in a mindset to interact with Master on the level that Master may desire 

of her at that moment (sexually, submissively, emotionally, or otherwise), 

though she will consciously try to work through any issues she may have at 

the time in order to avoid such a situation. However, if it is unavoidable 

she will inform Master of any emotional or physical problems which she is 

having so that they can work through any issues together.

q. cuntpet understands that Master has relationships with people in His 

life that may be damaged by inadvertently letting slip that cuntpet is 

owned by Master, and disclosing Master’s identity. Thus, cuntpet will not 

talk about her Master in any except the most general of terms, unless 

Master has given permission for cuntpet to speak in that manner to the 

person that cuntpet may be talking to.

r. Most importantly, cuntpet realizes that she is in her relationship with 

Master for Master’s edification, pleasure, and fulfillment, and shall do 

everything within her power to minimize the use of her rights under this 

agreement — using them only so far as to ensure that she feels safe. It is 

expected that as time goes on, cuntpet will learn that she has no need for 

these rights, and will either relinquish them or cease using them.

6. Master’s Responsibilities

Within the global rights and responsibilities outlined in section 4 of 

this agreement, none of which shall be superseded by any of the following 

statements, Master agrees to the following:

a. Master shall provide for His cuntpet’s emotional, mental, and spiritual 

direction while cuntpet is in His care.

b. Because Master, and service to Master, is so important to cuntpet’s 

mental and emotional well-being, Master acknowledges that cuntpet’s loss 

of her Master would cause emotional, mental, and spiritual harm to 

cuntpet. Master shall thus never knowingly place Himself or cuntpet in 

mortal danger that Master does not deem necessary.

c. Master shall train cuntpet to proper, full-time service to Master, in 

all facets of what Master desires.

d. Master shall refer to and address cuntpet in any manner He sees fit, at 

any time, in any context. Master shall temper this with knowledge of 

social stigmas as well as the conditions set out in section 5i, and shall 

strive to keep knowledge of Master and cuntpet’s relationship from anyone 

who would be hostile towards it or either party. Master shall also 

endeavor to withhold knowledge of the relationship from those of cuntpet’s 

friends whose relationships with cuntpet would be adversely affected by 

the knowledge, until cuntpet chooses to inform her friends.

e. Master shall bear in mind cuntpet’s physical limits by age, body 

condition, injuries, and psychological impositions while devising a 

training plan for cuntpet, and training cuntpet.

f. Master may, at His discretion, train cuntpet on any or all mental, 

emotional, physical, spiritual, magickal, and other planes as He knows and 

is capable.

g. Master realizes that He is in His relationship with cuntpet to provide 

not only an authority figure in cuntpet’s life but that He is also 

responsible for giving her the discipline and regimentation which she 

desires. Master and cuntpet both acknowledge that this is hard work which 

both of them are entering into consensually, and which is meant to lead to 

greater fulfillment of life and their relationship.

h. Master and cuntpet acknowledge that training is hard and that Master 

works as hard as or harder than cuntpet during training periods. Thus, 

Master may, at His discretion, declare “free times” for Himself and 

cuntpet—these times being used for physical, emotional, spiritual, and 

other healing, as needed. Each free time shall have an estimated time of 

completion, and shall be kept short-term. In the event Master feels the 

need to extend the free time, He may do so. Because training is hard on 

cuntpet as well, and cuntpet needs healing in these matters as well, 

Master may not shorten any free time previously announced without 

cuntpet’s consent.

i. Master acknowledges that there may be times in which He will not always 

be in a mindset to interact with cuntpet on the level that cuntpet may 

desire at that moment (sexually, Dominantly, emotionally, or otherwise), 

thus, He will inform cuntpet of any emotional or physical problems which 

He is having so that they can work through any issues together.

j. Master acknowledges that there may be rare times in which cuntpet will 

not be in a mindset to interact with Him on the level that Master may 

desire of her at that moment (sexually, submissively, emotionally, or 

otherwise), although cuntpet will work to avoid this at all times, there 

may be times at which this is unavoidable. On this rare occasion Master 

will offer any emotional or other support to cuntpet that may be necessary 

at that time, and will help cuntpet work through the issue if she so 

desires to at that moment, or at a later date (as set out in section 4i) 

if needed.

7. Order of succession

Once this agreement is signed, it shall supersede any and all other 

agreements Master and cuntpet have in place as of the date the agreement 

is signed, within the topic of commitment to each other and the 

relationship. Any modifications to this basic agreement (after signing) 

must be made in the form of addendums. Master and cuntpet agree, to the 

best of their abilities, to abide by the letter and spirit of this 

agreement for the duration of the contract.

8. Addendums

If at any time there is a renegotiation of terms of this contract between 

Master and cuntpet, to amend or add on to this contract an addendum must 

be written, signed and attached to this document. Any future addendums 

shall be written up in similar manner to this contract, by Master or 

cuntpet, and must be agreed upon and signed by both Master and cuntpet. 

Once any addendums are signed they would then be attached to this 

agreement, and would supersede any agreements made in this contract should 

contradictory statements or any changes need to be made.

9. Termination Procedures

In the event of termination of this agreement, both parties agree to 

return any property owned by the other within a reasonable time, and to 

not burden the other with His or her property for any unreasonable length 

of time. In the event of jointly-owned property, Master and cuntpet agree 

to split its monetary and emotional value as close to evenly as possible 

without destruction of any property. In the event that Master and cuntpet 

do not agree at termination what the monetary and emotional value is, a 

mediation may take place.

10. Survivability

In the event that this agreement is terminated, Master and cuntpet agree 

that they still have a responsibility to each other. Specifically, in the 

event of a termination, there may, undoubtedly, be some bad feelings… 

whether they are guilt, anguish, anger, pain, or anything else. Thus, 

Master and cuntpet agree that they will strive to be supportive of each 

other as much as possible—even if it means not having any contact with 

each other for a while. It is hoped that the relationship that is forged 

will never lead to a dissolution of friendship, but as nobody can predict 

the future there can be no guarantee that this hope will come to pass.


I,________, do understand the responsibilities laid out above, and affirm 

the intention of this agreement as an attempt to forge understanding of 

rights and responsibilities in a new relationship. I enter into this 

relationship of my own free will, with no coercion expressed or implied, 

and agree that the aforementioned responsibilities are what I choose to be 

bound to within this relationship. By my signature, I affirm my intent to 

enter into this agreement.

Printed Name _____________________________

Signature _________________________________ Date ________________________

I, ______, do understand the responsibilities laid out above, and affirm 

the intention of this agreement as an attempt to forge understanding of 

rights and responsibilities in a new relationship. I enter into this 

relationship of my own free will, with no coercion expressed or implied, 

and agree that the aforementioned responsibilities are what I choose to be 

bound to within this relationship. By my signature, I affirm my intent to 

enter into this agreement.

Printed Name _____________________________

Signature _________________________________ Date ________________________